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Trials for the club take place at The Walnuts. Please email for details.

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Thursday 27 Apr
Black & Purple
The Walnuts 19:00 - 20:00
The Walnuts 20:00 - 21:30
The Walnuts 18:30 - 20:00
The Walnuts 18:30 - 20:00
Tadpoles 2
The Walnuts 17:30 - 19:00
Crystal Palace 19:30 - 21:00


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  • Sat 29/Apr/2017
    Sun 30/Apr/2017
    Mon 01/May/2017
    Youth Champs (15, 16, 17yrs+)
  • Sat 13/May/2017
    Sun 14/May/2017
    Age Group Champs (11, 12, 13, 14yrs)

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White Horse League

Wed 26/Apr/2017

On Saturday 22nd April the team headed to Dagenham for the White Horse League. The team arrived early, gathered round and checked out the schedule and got the Ojays tattoos on. Once ready, we embarrassed our birthday swimmers by standing them on the wall with a balloon each and sang Happy birthday. Daniella 18, Ben 13 and Sophia 11. The announcer later embarrassed them again, which was really nice and they received a big cheer from the gallery. With the celebrations done, it was down to business. As always the swimmers cheered and supported each other and we had some great swims; some a little too good, breaking the upper limit and therefore giving us no points. Sadly there were a few DQ’s for technical errors which need to be worked on for future competitions. We finished 4th in this round with the traditional OJAYS CHEER and with two more rounds to go we have everything to swim for. Thank you as always to everyone who helps and officiates, the swimmers for behaving well and giving their best and of course to the parents for spending their evening driving swimmers around and cheering loudly.

Co-op customer wins the Raffle.

Tue 25/Apr/2017

On Monday the 24th the single winning ticket was drawn on poolside at The Walnuts for the October Swimming Camp fundraiser. With 1,468 tickets sold, the jackpot was a staggering £734. Tickets have been sold by camp swimmers in the preceding weeks and the lucky winner was Mrs Phillips, a member of the public who was kind enough to buy a ticket at the Co-op. Mrs Phillips was involved with the original club, Orpington Swimming Club, many years ago as her daughter swam. She remembers fondly taking her daughter to training at the same pools we still use, Eltham College, Crystal Palace and of course our home pool The Walnuts. Her Saturday evenings were spent at pools around the region at galas and her daughter swam in the Kents and made the relay team at Nationals. She would like to wish the swimmers a great camp and says a big thank you to the club. Thank you to all those who bought a ticket and thanks again to the manager Claire Norton for allowing us to sell tickets that day and of course all those who sold tickets.

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There will be no training for any squad on the Bank Holiday Monday 1st of May.
The entry form is now available and has a closing date of Monday 22nd May. Eight Lane 25 meter Pool Swim Down Pool Electronic timing with display AGE & EVENTS: Age 9 All 50, 100, 200m & 400m events Age 10/11 All 50, 100, 200m & 400m events Age 12/13 All 50, 100, 200m & 400m events Age 14/15 All 50, 100, 200m & 400m events Age 16+ All 50, 100, 200m & 400m events AGE GROUPS: 9,10/11,12/13, 14/15, 16/Over AGES at 25th June 2017 All submitted times must be short course times REFUND POLICY: We will only refund your payment for your entries if you have a medical certificate saying that the swimmer is unable to swim. AWARDS: Awards will be made to the first three placed swimmers in each age group for each event (presentations will not be made; medals can be collected from the awards table). ENTRY FEES: £6.00 per event
Here are a couple of dates to note down for July. On the 2nd we will be getting together for a summer BBQ at Pratts Bottom Village Hall and on the 14th we will be hosting a quiz night at Badgers Mount Hall. More details to follow.


Tadpoles are term time lessons for young swimmers starting out. The new Summer term starts on Tuesday 18th April and finishes on Saturday 15th July. There is no swimming on the May Bank Holiday on the 1st or during half term, Sunday 28th May to Sunday 3rd June. If you are a new Tadpole could you also please fill in the ASA 1 form. Payment for ASA membership is not due until next year. The new summer application form is now available.
Please click here to download the forms and details.