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New Year Ice Breaker

Thu 11/Jan/2018

On the first weekend of 2018 more than 40 swimmers travelled to Canterbury for the Ice Breaker open meet. This was the last chance to achieve qualifying times for the Kent County competitions. Once again our swimmers performed brilliantly and showed great support and team spirit towards their fellow swimmers competing. It was a busy event which saw numerous pbs, many medals and Kent qualifying times all accompanied by our parent's loud support cheering in each of the many races. It was a great event which couldn’t have been possible without the help of parents and officials. Well done! Max Peel – Gold in 100m and 200m Backstroke; Silver in 400m Freestyle and 50m Backstroke Samantha Jackson – Gold in 200m and 100m Breaststroke; Silver in 50m Breaststroke; Bronze in the 50m Butterfly Ellie Harden – Gold in 100m Backstroke; Silver in 50m Backstroke; Bronze in 200m Backstroke Alice Leng – Gold in 50m Breaststroke; Silver in 200m Breaststroke Thomas Barrett – Silver in 50m Breaststroke; 200m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle Matilda Barrett – Silver in 400m IM and 100m Freestyle; Bronze in 200m and 400m Freestyle Charlotte Field – Silver in 100m Breaststroke; Bronze in 50m and 200m Breaststroke and 100m Freestyle Lilli Cutajar – Bronze in 100m Butterfly Anna Hawkins – Bronze in 100m Breaststroke Ava Hickey – Bronze in 200m Freestyle

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Billy makes history at INAS World Champs

Mon 11/Dec/2017

Massive congratulations to Billy Birchmore who earlier in the month had an outstanding INAS World Championships. Billy started the meet on top form by setting a new World Record during the heats of the 50m Freestyle DS Class in 30.56 seconds. He also made history by being the first ever Great Britain Gold medallist at an INAS Sport Championships, Down syndrome class. He was crowned World Champion in the 200m backstroke in 3:04.21. He took the same title for the 200m, 400m and 1500m Freestyle as well! For the 50 Freestyle and Backstroke Billy won Silver and in the 100m Freestyle he won Bronze. An amazing set of the results Billy! Simply outstanding.

Photos taken from the @DSSGB1 twitter feed.
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The entry forms are not available yet but here is the schedule of events and qualifying times. If you are swimming in the Beckenham Open at Easter you will be able to update your Regional entry times with your times from this event. Closing date for Regionals will be Monday 26th March.
To celebrate Beckenham SC's 125th Anniversary in 2018, they are hosting a Level 1 Open Meet (licence 1LR180255) to be held: Friday 30th March 2018 - Sunday 1st April 2018 London Aquatics Centre (LAC) Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London. They will be offering a full programme of events including the 800m and 1500m Freestyle. Please note that this closing date is very soon so if anyone is interested in attending this Easter meet Lorraine will need your entries in no later than Monday 29th January. If we do not have enough swimmers wanting to attend, the club will not support this open meet. You can of course still attend but our coaches and team managers will not be there.
This year has broken new records for the number of swimmers entering. Kent County ASA are often criticised for having tough qualifying times, but every year the swimming community of Kent rises to the challenge. The freestyle events in particular, were heavily oversubscribed, 64% over on 50Fr for girls and 40% on the boys 50Fr. Unfortunately, Kent County ASA can't cope with that volume of swimmers, even using 10 lanes at the LAC, and we have had to restrict the numbers based on the criteria in the conditions by 949. Had the racing been at Medway Park Kent County ASA would be rejecting around 2500 swims If you have qualified, please understand the importance of competing; lots of other swimmers have been disappointed, please don't waste the space. Kent County ASA will circulate the disability swimmer acceptances shortly. It is a separate exercise and will be out very soon. We will have it once available on our website. Kent County ASA would like clubs to volunteer to host sessions. The county can't host events such as this without club support, and Kent County ASA would like to thank everyone in advance for all the help they will be giving over the next few weeks.
The event will take place at Crook Log Leisure Centre on Sunday the 20th May. This Meet grows in popularity every year and in 2018 will incorporate the KCASA Masters Long Distance Championships. They are expanding the programme too and will now be running 3 sessions on the day so that they are able to offer you the opportunity to compete in every event from 50m to 1500m. You can also enter online. Ladies: Men:
The County Team will be selected by our head coach Sergio and you will be notified ASAP if you have been selected to represent Orpington Ojays at the 2018 Championships. If you are selected to swim for your team you will be expected to attend Age group teams (note the relays will also include mixed teams) 12 & under 13 / 14 years Junior ( under 17years at the end of the year ) Open You do not need to enter the team events as the club will do this for you. The team selection list will be sent round by email and posted on the notice board at the Walnuts nearer the time, please keep an eye out.
ASA Membership fees are now due for 2018. ASA MEMBERSHIP FEES 2018 Category 1 (A basic requirement for all members of Orpington Ojays SC ) £14.60 Category 2 (required for open competitions, regional and national) £31.90 Category 3 (non-swimming members - including all helpers, club office holders and officials) £5.50 ALL Orpington Ojays swimmers in Chrome, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Top squads must have Category 2 membership to compete in competitions. Swimmers in Bronze (age 9 and above in 2018), and Masters squads should decide whether Category 1 or Category 2 is most appropriate for them. Please discuss this with your coach if necessary. If you have had ASA membership in 2017 you do not need to fill out further forms. Please Gina at the club desk on Monday evenings for the relevant forms for swimmers who: • have not previously been registered with the ASA • wish to upgrade from Category 1 to Category 2 membership • requesting dual membership • previously held membership at another club All fees must be received by 31/01/2018 otherwise swimmers will not be re-registered. If you pay by bank transfer please also email to confirm you have made payment. Please note if ASA registration is not renewed the swimmer cannot swim in competitions and is not covered by the ASA insurance policy. ASA Membership forms can be found under Documents in the Information menu. For any queries, please contact
On Saturday 3rd March and Sunday 4th March we will be co-hosting the Spring Charity Meet with Erith and District SC again at Crook Log. The Meet is primarily aimed at swimmers who were unable to achieve qualification into their County Championships or those who only qualified for the odd event and it’s always a great Meet. Entries are priced at £5.00 each with 5% of all the entry fees being donated to a charity that is chosen by the swimmers themselves. The programme is planned to be the same as 2017, with all of the 100m events taking place in the Saturday session and the 50’s, 200’s and 100m IMs scheduled to take place in the Sunday sessions. In order to avoid the lengthy sessions that we encountered this year, we will not be accepting any entries from swimmers who are faster than the Upper Limit times wishing to swim as Time Trials. The closing date for entries is Monday 29th January.


Tadpoles are term time lessons for young swimmers starting out. The new Spring term starts on Sunday 7th January and finishes on Thursday 29th March. There is no swimming during half term, Sunday 11th September to Saturday 17th February. If you are a new Tadpole could you also please fill in the ASA 1 form. Payment for ASA membership is not due until next year.
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